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With our co-op model, active parent participation is a requirement for membership. It makes our program unique and keeps our parent's costs lower than average. To maintain membership, families must:

1. Pay tuition on time.

2. Volunteer in the classroom 1-2 days a month. One of those days, the parent provides and serves a healthy snack for the class. Parent helpers are a vital part of our program. 

3. Fulfill a family job that helps keep the program running smoothly. These jobs include, but are not limited to: board members, teacher's assistants, librarian, groundskeepers and maintenance, and field trip coordinator.

4. Parents are responsible for clean up after classroom activities each day. Parents participate in one monthly deep cleaning day for the year. Everyone participates in an end-of-the-year cleaning day.

5. As a non-profit co-op, membership has the opportunity to take part in preschool management. Majority votes are required to make changes in the program. Monthly parent meetings are a requirement, at least one family member must be present. 

6. Members are required to participate in two main fundraisers to meet a fundraising goal, individual families can choose to opt-out of fundraising with a buy-out. 

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